Available Positions

All applicants must be students at University of Oregon with a passion for environmental conservation. They must fulfill the requirements of the position and be prepared to attend weekly staff meetings and dedicate as much time needed to produce professional work. Stipend positions will be members of the executive staff and will be expected to do more work as they are leadership roles (except for the Web Design position). Applications for stipend positions must be in by June 17th. All positions begin at the start of Fall quarter 2018.

To apply, email your cover letter, resume, and portfolio URL or at least three work samples to envisionuo@gmail.com.

editor-  in-chief

The editor-in-chief (stipend position) oversees and communicates with other executive staff members and manages the hiring process for new staff members. They schedule and lead weekly meetings and they have the final say in what gets published online and in print. They are the second line of editing, after the managing editor. The editor-in-chief is encouraged to write their own work as long as they keep up with their other responsibilities.

  • Requirements:

    • Substantial experience in journalistic feature writing.

    • Proficiency in AP Style and understanding of journalism writing elements such as ledes, nut grafs, accreditation, header, deck and kickers.

    • Experience or a strong capability to edit others work.

    • Leadership experience.

    • Organized and great communicator.

Layout director

The layout director (stipend position) organizes editorial content into a visually appealing publication. Their work is usually concentrated towards the back end of the publication process.

  • Requirements:

    • Proficiency in Adobe InDesign and Illustrator.

    • Experience with publication layout set up.

News writer

News writers are expected to cover two news events each quarter. This position is for students who have less (but not no) experience writing journalistically and want to build skills and portfolio. Spaces are limited for this position because they will involve more mentoring. The goal is to eventually be promoted to a feature writing position. Writing samples are still required to apply to this position, preferably journalistic writing samples. We encourage applicants to write up a news story to apply to this position if they have no previous journalism experience, taking advantage of the SOJC Writing Central as needed.

  • Requirements:

    • Basic understanding of the differences between journalism writing and essay writing.

    • Ability to take constructive criticism with stride and put in the work to improve.


Illustrators produce work for the print publication to compliment written work. Illustrators are expected to read through the article they are working with and produce professional, colored work in a timely manner.

  • Requirements:

    • Access to and proficiency in Adobe Illustrator.

Communications team members help produce social media (for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) content at a regular basis. They also assist in the design of flyers and help plan events. They are expected to produce professional work and follow the direction of the Communications Director.


  • Requirements:

    • Understanding of different social media platform posting styles.

    • Access to and basic proficiency in Adobe InDesign, Adobe Spark, and Adobe Illustrator.


Social Media specialist