As the weather warms, flowers bloom, pollen agitates our sinuses, and farmer’s markets increase in popularity as their inventory increases. One crop that also begins to pop out of the ground is cannabis, but not all cannabis is quite the same.

In this edition, we focus on hemp and CBD, and their role in building a more environmentally friendly world.

Meanwhile, we’ve been looking at our role too. We are now making print previews with the full editions online. This way, we decrease the amount of paper we use, and the amount of electricity we consume in the paper process. 

We hope you enjoy our team’s work!


Hippie Hemp

Lance Kreck’s army service was complete and he and his wife Nicole were ready for something different. That’s when they met a hemp farmer from Colorado while living in Florida. Nicole and Lance became interested in the industry and thought it could be a new direction for their family.


The Pot Treatment

Scott McClintock, 19, was fed up. He was taking Humira…and then several other medications to deal with the side effects of that medication. He couldn’t focus on his studies because he was constantly feeling under the weather. He ended up living at home on medical leave, two hours away from the liberal arts college he attended.


Hemp: A Helpful Plant

When you hear “hemp farm,” what do you first think of? One often associates hemp with the recreational use of marijuana. However, this limited view of the cannabis-based crop excludes its other uses. Hemp seeds have a myriad of benefits.


Say Goodbye to Synthesized

“Just flush them,” is common advice for disposing of unwanted or expired pharmaceutical drugs. The U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) recommends flushing pain medications like Methadone, Morphine, and Oxycodone down your toilet when they are no longer needed. While this procedure removes a potential risk from your home, is it at the cost of aquatic life? Is there a better solution?


Hemp, Hemp, Hooray!

Throughout the United States, expanses of land — covered in tall, entangled stalks of the Cannabis sativa L. plant — belong to more than 25,000 acres of hemp farms in 19 states. The crops are sustainable and regenerative, thriving across a large variety of climates....