Environmental Club is "Dying" to Decrease UO Carbon Emissions

Written By Becky Hoag

Photographed by meg Matsuzaki

Members of the Climate Justice League staged a "Die-In" protest in the middle of University of Oregon's Erb Memorial Union building Thursday, February 22. From 11:20 to 11:45 am, black-clothed students lied down on the floor around the O shaped desk in the shape of a water droplet, which represented an oil drop. They framed the shape with signs that demanded UO to update and follow through with their Climate Action Plan (CAP).

The original CAP was created in 2010 and set goals to move towards carbon neutrality by 2050. CJL members say that the university hasn't been following through with the goals set by CAP, which were vague to begin with. The organization's presidents have met with the President Michael Schill and Director of the Office of Sustainability Steve Mital to update the CAP, calling it CAP 2.0.

The school's electricity is primarily from EWEB, who's energy mainly comes from hydropower. However, UO's still being heated by a natural gas plant, which releases greenhouse gases, contributing to climate change.

CJL worries that progress is moving too slowly.