Past articles that can stand on their own.

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Celebrating Community and Cornbread at Eugene’s Favorite Vegan Cafe

Upon entering Cornbread Cafe, a cozy restaurant snuggled into a squat and unassuming corner lot near the Whitaker neighborhood in downtown Eugene, one immediately feels the down-to-earth comfort that only a local diner can offer. My friend and I utter simultaneous ‘oohs’ in reaction to the tempting pastry case we are greeted with and pick a cheery booth at the front of the restaurant to wait for one of the cafe’s co-owners, Sheree, to come join us.


A Must-Visit: Charleston Marine Life Center

A peaceful, scenic two-and-a-half hour drive southwest of the University of Oregon, will lead you to the small town of Charleston, where the Oregon Institute of Marine Biology (OIMB) and the new Charleston Marine Life Center (CMLC) sit overlooking the Pacific Ocean. OIMB is where marine biology majors flock from all over the country to study with some of the best professors. There they can study live samples collected from the many marine habitats available to them a short walk or drive from the facility.


Activism & Journalism: A Tricky Line to Draw

Journalists commonly have beat preferences that coincide with what there are interested in. My beat preference is science and environmentalism. I am very passionate about the fight against climate change, and with the recent Earth Week and March for Science activity, I have been getting very involved in the activism. However, journalists like me need to reel themselves back and look at where they want to go as journalists.

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Dorm Applesauce

People living in the residence hall will inevitably get bored of housing food. I am one of them. To combat this boredom I tried making homemade applesauce using only the resources from the dorm dining. I based my recipe off of Real Simple’s 23 Cooking Uses for Your Microwave for the applesauce.

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Scrumptiously Sustainable Snacks

Recently, PETA drew attention to an alarming new menu item found in high-end restaurants worldwide: live octopus. The food trend is associated with a food movement known as “machismo” or “adventure” eating, in which diners are exposed to exotic ingredients prepared and served in unusual ways.

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Beer Story

The Pacific Northwest prides itself on its beer. From Portland hipsters wiping microbrew foam from their polished beards to a group of rafters tossing back a can of their choice IPA before tackling a stretch of the Columbia, beer isn’t just a drink here— it’s culture.

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Co-ops and Brews

Tom is a resident at the Walnut Street Co-Op in Eugene, Oregon. Originally a Pennsylvania native, he and his girlfriend moved into the co-op in October after setting out in search of a new lifestyle from the one they had grown tired of. They spent time at a few different co-ops across America until they settled into their current home – a brown house that sits on the corner of 17th and Walnut Street.

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So You Want to Be a Beekeeper

Bees are essential for our natural ecosystems. They are the main pollinators for our world’s terrestrial plants, allowing plants to diversify and reproduce. Lately, the natural bee population has been in trouble. Human influences such as habitat destruction and pesticide use have caused the premature deaths of more than 250 million bees in the last four years. In order to reverse this trend, or simply to help the pollination of gardens and fields, a growing number of people have become beekeepers. Beekeeping, however, is not all flowers and honey, but a big commitment. This is why there are organizations out there to help interested novices get their hands sticky.


Traveling Solo: A Quest for Serenity

A short story.

It was just a day of slowing down, dreaming for what’s ahead and exploring what the natural world has to offer. I went on my first solo trip — something I’ve been wanting to do for so long but never found the gumption to commit to. Without much hesitation, I woke up one morning, packed my bags and decided to hit the road. My first instinct was to head straight to the coast.


Waterfalls in Winter: A hiking guide to Tamanawas Falls in the Mt. Hood National Forest

During the winter season, hiking into Tamanawas Falls feels like you’re walking into a winter wonderland. This magnificent waterfall lies in the old-growth of the eastern region of Mount Hood National Forest. In the midst of winter, you’ll get the opportunity to snowshoe along the moderately-rated trail for 3.80 miles to the waterfalls and back. While more popular and often crowded over the summer, the trail is only fairly congested during the winter because of limited access to roadside parking and near-freezing temperatures.